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 Due to current economic recession and too many people losing their jobs, the carpet cleaning industry in Sunderland has become a very easy target for the people to buy some chemicals and some domestic standard small  carpet cleaning machine and advertise themselves on social media as a professional carpet cleaner in Sunderland just to make a bit of money. Nothing wrong to earn money for yourself and your family if you can do justice to your profession. One wrong decision and your carpets will become a serious dirt magnet or an even  worse scenario completely ruined.

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 So how to can you be sure of booking the right company for your carpet & Upholstery cleaning in Sunderland. Here are some answers which will help you to differentiate between  professional local carpet cleaners  from “seasonal carpet cleaners” in Sunderland Durham Tyne & Wear 

 Questions you should ask before inviting someone to come and clean your important and expensive furnishing i.e. your carpet and upholstery. 


 You will come across many “SEASONAL CARPET CLEANERS” who would think that buying a sub standard machine and some cheap chemical they can advertise themselves as professional carpet cleaners without having any formal training on the use of equipment and chemicals & nor do they have insurance. Carpet cleaning is all down to the chemistry of the chemicals you use. If the wrong chemical is used and ph on your carpet is not balanced you might get a visibly clean carpet but amount of chemicals left in the carpet may not be suitable for you or your family. It will also destroy your carpet by reducing its useable life span. 

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  A good professional carpet cleaning technician will be completely honest and will show you the products he is using. It is because he will be confident that if client wants he can check on online the quality of the cleaning solutions. It is very important to use right solutions according to the specific requirements of the job, if not your carpets will get dirty alot quicker than before. Also if the correct equipment is not used your carpets will be left soaking wet which not only will it take days to dry but can produce all sort of associated problems like shrinkage, mould etc.


What happens if you are not happy with the services you received? Do they offer a hassle free re-clean if you are not satisfied? Does the carpet cleaning company give you 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the service you have received ?

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Surely they will be coming to your home or work place to clean carpets and they will be careful about the things around but what happens if accidently something goes wrong? Something is broken or accidental spillage of cleaning solution; do they have insurance in place to cover this?

" DO THEY USE “BAIT AND SWITCH” TACTICS " ? Very often it happens that you receive a leaflet through your door or see a company online advertising very low prices. You book them and on the day of cleaning they come a suddenly realise that you don’t qualify for that price with all sort of lame excuses or they will try to degrade the service advertised and will try to hard sell you the expensive one. It is illegal practice and you can avoid this by checking if they have real testimonial from previous customers who are happy with their ethical service. This practice can result you paying a lot more than you bargained for.

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As a local independent family business I am able to offer very affordable rates. Unlike many of my competitors i amnot part of any franchises or call center run and can offer a local, reliable and professional services. When you call you talk to me Stephen Swinney , when the cleaning job is done, I will be at your home or workplace carrying out the work.


It s very simple do they have testimonial from previous clients who were very happy with their service? Ask them to show these. I am a proud member of Checkatrade.com 

 Only a professional carpet cleaning company will be able to answer these questions. At Got2bclean carpet cleaning I pride myself on being professional, efficient and most of all expert at what i do.

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All the products that i use are safe for children, pets, your furnishings & the enviroment

Highly professional , local & reliable. 

All the equipment i use is professional standard

Professional cleaning at affordable prices.

For added peace of mind of my valued customers i am insured by "public liability insurance".

I always give my customers an upfront quote without any extra hidden charges.

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You can contact me Steve on 

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