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Mattress Steam Cleaning & Stain Removal Services Sunderland & Durham 

mattress cleaning Sunderland
mattress cleaning sunderland

Mattress Cleaning Sunderland 

Would you sleep in the same clothes without washing them for 3 or even 10 years ?

NO ?

Then why do we sleep on the same mattress for years without cleaning them ?

As you know a mattress cant be folded up & put in a washing machine & even if you could how would you dry it 

I have the answer in my mattress steam cleaning system.

The bed you sleep on is like a 5 star hotel for dust mites & allergens !

The problem is this can make you & your family ill

Why not Let me carry out a full Hygiene clean

Prices start from as little as £30 !

That is such a low price for peace of mind & a good nights rest

Cleaner mattress sunderland

A Good Nights Sleep Is Only A Phone Call Away 

I Clean Homes Hotels Caravans

Carpet & Upholstery cleaners

Leather sofas & all leather goods

Mattress steam cleaning

Stain Removal

If you or your family suffer with poor sleep, rashes, spots or breathing problems this could be all down to the bed you sleep in.

Dust mites & bed bugs removed & destroyed

Cleaner mattress sunderland

My Cleaning System

I carry out a full inspection

A Special vac is used to remove dead skin & dust mite feces

A Spray is then applied  with dust mite spray/deodorizer 

A Steam cleaner is then used to kill any living dust mites/bed bugs

Your Bed can be used after a few hours

We Deep Clean the following

Blood -Vomit

Urine-body fluids

Trauma scenes

Below actual picture & video of mattress clean 

mattress cleaning Sunderland

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